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  • The cost of neglecting bookkeeping in micro and very small business.

    The small business owner may neglect bookkeeping because they have not learned or been exposed to bookkeeping and accounting. This is made worse by the belief by many people that bookkeeping and accounting is too difficult for them to learn and understand. There are calculations that are more complicated and laws such as income tax

  • Importantance of accounting in micro and very small businesses.

    If the accounting or bookkeeping is not being done in a business it can lead to a number of problems that can limit the growth and the ability for the business to continue. The keeping supplier invoices may also be sporadic.  Expenses of the business are underestimated and you think you are earning more than

  • One affordable and accessible accounting tool

    Pastel Accounting has a package called ‘My Business’ that could be helpful.  It is available as a desktop version but also as an Internet version where you only pay to use the software and not for the package itself.  The advantage of this is cost and you accounting software is available to you anywhere that

  • Free Marketing.

    I am sure we all understand that nothing is for free but it may be important for a small business to consider the cost in time to take seriously the opportunities that social media offer small businesses to market themselves without further financial cost if the business is already connect to the internet. The cost